August 2022

Seder Zeraim – Berakoth Chapter 2 Mishnah 1-3

Mishnah 1, If you were reading Torah at the section of the Shema, does that count as praying the Shema? What do do when interrupted during prayer?Mishnah 2, More rules on the Shema. Why the particular paragraph order?Mishnah 3, Loud enough to hear? Forgot a section…now what?

The City of David Temple

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Seder Zeraim – Berakoth 1,4

Mishnah 4, What additional prayers are obligations to go with the Shema each day. Are there allowances to change those prayers? Mishnah 5, Is there an obligation to mention the Exodus from Egypt? At Night? Or is it not an obligation at all

How trustworthy is the Mishnah?

How trustworthy is the Mishnah? Do we NEED a Sanhedrin? Who has the authority to declare the “new moon”?