Becoming a Ger Toshav

In this course we will present the very basic concepts of what it means to enter into covenant with the G-d of Israel and the people of Israel. This course does not make you Jewish and has no halachic authority to do so. That is a separate issue which we will cover but is not a result of going through the course successfully.

We recognize that the knowledge level of people who may have been studying the torah portions for a dozen years or more is very very limited. In this course we will be preparing you and you will display the knowledge to proceed up to the doorway of conversion with the knowledge you lack. If you study the material and display a change in your walk as outlined in this course, you will have mastered what 99% of those you fellowship will not understand.

If you want to go deeper into Hashem and closer to His people, take this course. Although we are not able to facilitate a beit din for legal acceptance into the Jewish people, we will prepare you with the basics of Torah observance for a non-Jew and prepare you to seek conversion.