Tohoroth – Purity

Parah Chapter 7:1-6

Let’s Tackle the first half of Chapter 7. Then run off into all the other areas of discussion we typically end up discussing. Always fun!  

Parah Chapter 7 7-12

We close out Chapter 7 of Parah with amazing revelation of how applicable the study of the Red Heifer applies to our daily walk. We have missed out on so much! Join in.  

Parah 5 and 6

We finish chapter 5 in the beginning of this weeks recording then do Chapter 6 as well.  

What is “The Statute” of the Torah?

What is “The Statute” of the Torah? I did not even know there was such a thing. We jump ahead into the mishnah regarding the red heifer. We ask first where do we see the red heifer has to be 2 years old?