Our Chachamim

Peter and Renee Sander
He's alright...she's awesome! Peter teaches us how to mikvah and twaddle spoons.





Victor and Mary Kay Schultz
Founders Victor and Mary Kay identify as ger and gerah toshav who have been seeking to observe the Torah as early as the 1990’s. Victor is no stranger to the Christian and the Messianic worlds and leaves "no man behind" as he continues to learn the Halakhah. Considered to be an influencer with his humor and a heart to be like Abraham leading everyone into covenant with HaShem and the Avodah of the Temple. Victor & Mary Kay love to facilitate deeper learning with great teachers in a way that people can see.



Joseph and Debbie Good
Joseph Good, along with his wife Debbie, are the founders of Hatikva Ministries located in Crosby, TX. Joe has spent 40 years learning and teaching Hebraic values and concepts, especially in the context of the non-Jew. His recent projects include very detailed research of the Temple from traditional Jewish, historical and archaeological sources. Joseph's insight have shaped The Mishnah Walk and has positioned his audience to have open eyes and ears toward HaShem, the people of Israel, The Torah and Mishnah.